Major Update — Pre-Alpha

This is an important update that is highly recommended for all players. Major changes include a significant bug fix related to the set shot, custom key mappings, and the inclusion of an in-game, web-based update/news screen.

See the full log below for complete details.

The main development focus from here on out will be to further develop and polish the online portion of the game, thus bringing the game to an alpha status. Once there, work will begin on additional courts and the challenge ladder. This will likely be the last update for at least a month, or until the online portion is ready for public testing.

//------------------------------ 20180306---------------------------//

- Fixed major issue where the set shot would hit the ball more than once if too close, often sending it flying uncontrollably
- Added custom key mapping support. This is still early and will see changes in the ease-of-use department, but it's functional
- Added a welcome hint for new players to try light intensity and/or practice mode with lower game speed
    - This will only show once per start-up, and can be disabled permanently
- Added a web-based status screen for the primary purpose of notifying players of new updates
    - This is hosted on tumblr until the game's own web services are available
    - It is displayed upon start-up, but can also be seen by clicking the version text from the main menu
- Slightly reduced set shot range
- Reduced intensity of lens flares on all courts
- Fixed a stray vertex on the default net mesh
(not included in the packaged changelog) Possibly fixed an issue causing SteamVR and/or other VR frameworks to launch on enabled systems. I can't test this myself, so we'll see

- Bots are now a little less likely to lose track of the ball (but still not as much as before


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Mar 06, 2018

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