Changelog - Pre-Alpha

//// Initial Public and Backer Demos

- Fixed human spawning issues
- Adjusted ball light. Radius is larger, and the pattern from self-shadowing is accurate. Visibility distance of this effect depends on Shadows setting in options.
- Fixed player weapon rotating with mesh during movement "lean"
- Changed the way quick turning works
- Made knockdown force much more consistent
- Adjusted LOD settings for the weapon and bot meshes
- Added ambient sounds and reverb effects to all courts (no ambient sound on Ionic yet)
- Slightly delayed long shot's trail start time to better match the projectile mesh and not take up the entire screen when firing while moving in certain directions
- Added a psuedo-3D cross hair to better reflect where shots will go as a result of weapon sway penalty

- Recreated mesh again (still far from final, though)
- Adjusted sensory radius and handling (now slightly easier for bots to lose track of the ball)
- Bots stop tracking the ball while knocked down
- Maximum bot movement speed is now dependent on match intensity, and increased slightly overall
- Bots now have a "B" on their mesh instead of a number indicating their role. Role is generally matched to aggressiveness anyway, so this became redundant, and possibly confusing to new players

~ Added a ball locator to the HUD (still needs refinement)
- Player number is now indicated on the scoreboard
- Bot color is now reflected on the scoreboard
- Quick Play: Added court images
- Scoreboard now works properly in split-screen
- Added Options menus, with display, audio, and control menus
     - Display
          - Added windowed and fullscreen options
          - Added resolution scaling option
          - Game will start at desktop resolution (half if windowed) by default. 
          - Added a host of quality options
          - Added a FOV slider
          - Added a realtime FPS meter that can be used to help determine the most appropriate settings
     - Audio
          - Added master, music, and sound effect volume sliders
     - Controls 
          - Settings will be saved for each individual local player
          - Added option to determine whether or not Player 1 is assigned a controller (frees up a controller for splitscreen while P1 uses M+KB)
          - Added sensitivity sliders
          - Added Y-Axis inversion options
          - Added a button map reference (actual remapping coming later)
- Added placeholders to the Main Menu for Challenge and net play menus
- Added initial copyright/notice/logo screens
- Added custom Windows icon and engine start splash image
- Fixed scoreboard being rendered twice at the end of score-based rounds

- Bench model
~ Pipe models
- Door model
- Railing model
- Further developed exterior
- Changed the clouds
- Adjusted floor material and reflections
- Adjusted lighting
- Remade the net mesh and materials

- Started external details
- Changed net model
- Adjusted lighting
- Added doors
- Updated the wave pillar mesh
- Added wall details and recessed lights


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Feb 26, 2018

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